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Bonus Software Application Guide

Eligibility For Free Software

Deco Pro, Deco Series, Artist Series, and Innovator Series purchased from our official Estore after August 16, 2019, are eligible for the bonus software.

1) ArtRage Lite for Deco Series

2) ArtRage 5 or openCanvas (choose either-or) for the Deco Pro and Artist Series

3) ArtRage 5, openCanvas, or Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline ( chose only one out of three) for Artist 12 Pro, Artist 13.3 Pro, Artist 15.6 Pro, Artist 22 Pro, Artist 22E Pro, Artist 22R Pro, Artist 24 Pro and Innovator 16

Please note Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline Version for One-Year Trial only.

Get Access To Free Software

Step 1: Please sign in to your account at


Step 2: Certify the Product's Serial Number (unique 14 digit number at the back of your device)


Step 3: Select one of the software options to get the activation key, and visit the corresponding page to download.

You can only select one software and receive one activation key, which cannot be changed after confirmation.

If you have any questions about getting free software, please feel free to contact the corresponding person at


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